Q1 - Why should I use the service?

We believe in a community approach. By this we mean that the more companies using the service the better it is for everyone. Don't forget, if you want a Job Seeker to provide their References you first search for them in the Reference Checker Portal. If the Job Seeker already has an account, you simply request access to view it and when they give you permission, you have instant access to their References. In most cases the existing References can be used straight away without the need to request new ones, saving time and hassle. The more the service is used the better it is for everyone!

Q2 - What about my Administration staff?

The concept of The Reference Checker is to support the administration part of the recruitment process. By automating a very specific part, the checking of References, we hope to reduce the overall time to hire for a very small monthly fee.

Q3 - Can I change the question that the Referee is asked?

Yes, if you use or upgrade to the Pro, Plus or Enterprise package you will be able to create any number of personalised question in your 'Settings' section of the portal.

Q4 - Can I change the text in the emails that are sent by the service?

Yes, if you use or upgrade to the Pro, Plus or Enterprise package you have full control to personalise the words and branding of your emails in your 'Settings' section of the portal.

Q5 - Does the service do DBS checks (Formerly CRB)?

No, it is purely designed to automate and speed up the process of requesting and checking References.

Q6 - Can it hold documents and certificates?

No, we don't try to replace parts of a traditional applicant tracking system we are focused on streamlining the Reference checking part of your hiring process.

Q7 - Can I upgrade the package I am on at any time?

Yes, simply go to the Settings section inside your login and you will see your billing menu option. Select the package you wish to upgrade to and that's it!

Q8 - Is the data secure?

Yes, all data is held in the UK by one of the UK's leading hosting organisation who operate a TIER 1 data centre. We have invested significantly in ensuring data is kept safe and secure!

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