Why would you use the service?

As a Job Seeker, you will only receive an email from a company who is subscribing to use The Reference Checker service which means they are bound by our terms and conditions so you can rest assured your personal data is safe and secure.

The Reference Checker is a subscription service that any company looking to obtain References can use to streamline their process. The on-line portal manages the process of obtaining a Reference from your Referee so a subscribing company can view it. Once the Reference is complete we store it securely online and any company subscribing to the service to whom you have given permission to view your profile will have access to your References.

If you are looking for a job and using more than one company, it is likely that you might get more than one request to view your References. You have the option to decline any requests to view your profile if you wish.

We are all about efficiencies, making if faster for your Referee to supply the all-important Reference which ultimately gets you into work faster so if you receive a request, the quicker you respond the quicker you will be in work.

Still have some questions? Just call the company who sent you the request and they will help you out.