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We believe in a collaborative approach to the use of our service find Agencies recognise that the more Agencies there are using the service, the better the service is for everyone.

We see the service like an exclusive club that everyone contributes into and benefits from. A key feature of the service is the ability to search for Job Seekers already registered who have compliant References held within their profile. Subscribing Agencies simply requests access to a Job Seekers profile and once permission is granted, the Agency has instant access to the Job Seekers References. In most cases these existing compliant References can be used straight away without the need to request new ones saving time and importantly money.

Every Agency using the service is contributing to the overall number of compliant References held. The more the system is used, the bigger the pool of References and the better the service becomes for every subscriber!

  • Agencies save time and money chasing References
  • Job Seekers get into work faster
  • Referees receive less requests for References

Don't just take our word for it...

  • We have seen huge time and cost savings since we moved over to use The Reference Checker to underpin our Reference screening process.

    Paul Gold CEO - Osborne Richardson

  • We are happy to contribute to the pool of References because we see the huge benefit from other like minded Agencies who contribute by using the Service

    Catherine Friel - Associate Director Axcis Education

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