The Reference Checker Service...

The Reference Checker is a unique subscription service designed to streamline the requesting, submission, viewing and storing of References. If you have to gather References but see it as a time consuming and costly administrative burden then this is an ideal service for you.

We have found that on average our customers reduce the time taken to collect References by up to 80% while significantly increasing their Reference completion rates. Our average time for a Referee to complete a request is just 16 hours.

Companies increase their compliance with the option to request an electronic signature as part of the Reference form and also by evidencing the References are genuine with an audit trail showing a Reference has been submitted via a Referees company email addresses.

The service is simple, just enter the details of your Job Seeker and The Reference Checker portal does the rest. The Reference Checker emails the Referee asking them to provide a Reference for the Job Seeker with a discrete reminder feature continuing to keep in touch with the Referee until they supply the Reference. The Company is then alerted and has access to the compliant Reference with the ability to link it to their applicant tracking system or download a branded PDF version.

Emails keep everyone up to date with every step of the process so you're safe in the knowledge the Reference Request is being taken care of.

Your Job Seekers get into work faster... Your compnay saves time and money.

Why use The Reference Checker Service...

Instant sign up and access

Being an on-line portal there is no installation required, you simply sign up and away you go.

Easy to use portal

Simple and intuitive portal helps you start using the service without any training.

Automated email messages

Let the portal take the strain of all the chasing with personalised automated email messages.

Audit and Compliance

Electronic signatures with a full email audit trail

Works Everywhere

The responsive portal works across all browsers on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Great Support

All good services need good support, we are here to help if you need us.


The Reference revolution is here...

Stunning dashboard giving you an instant snapshot of the status of your Reference requests...

Agency Dashboard

Quickly find Job Seekers, view the status of their References and make new Reference request...

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Customise your email messages so your brand is always used in all communications with your Job Seekers and their Referees...

Customisable Email Templates

It's easy to create and customise Reference Question Templates without limits using a variety of question types...

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